Topic ideas for those who want to blog #1

1- “How to do?” Writings

When was the last time you grabbed a cup of coffee and gave yourself to read the manual for your toaster?

What is that? Didn’t you remember for a moment like that?

We’re not surprised, because most people hate reading instruction manuals.

So, where do people learn to do things?

Of course by searching on Google!

You can achieve hugely popular today with only articles about how to do things.

Believe me, if you knew what kind of searches people were doing on Google, you would swallow your little tongue out of surprise.

So, if you find your niche audience, nurture people’s curiosity, and provide themselves with a range of functional answers to any topic, you’ll be creating a popular blog.

For example, “How to Learn a Foreign Language?”, “How to Develop the Body?” You can create posts that answer popular questions like.


The subject of politics is a popular topic that we remember again in every election period. Find local or national-based political content you can discuss and be a part of the political conversation.

However, keep in mind that policy is a somewhat risky issue. People are likely to be polarized when it comes to political issues, so you should also be prepared for the controversy and disagreement that awaits you.


Food can also create a blog post alone. Therefore, you can use an edible product of your business for your blog posts. You can even make your favorite food the star of your blog.

Most people love pasta.

So how about preparing a blog page on this subject?

Moreover, this is not a trend that will wipe out in a month or two, so you can get to work as soon as possible.

4- Recipes

Another topic you can use to increase visitor traffic to your blog is recipes.

There is a new and very effective diet that always manages to be the latest trend, right? This means that there will always be new recipes in line with the diet methods discovered.

5- Getting Started Guides

Before trying to convince someone that you have an advanced knowledge of anything, start by creating starter guides.

Everyone should start doing something somewhere. Starter guides are one of the primary methods bloggers use to generate natural search traffic. Guides can also be prepared in graphic format.

6-Comprehensive Guides

Subject matter experts, on the other hand, are always in search of the most reliable and comprehensive guides in their field of expertise.

However, the word comprehensive can be an exaggeration. Still, we’d say use alternative terms that we list below:

Basic Guide
The Complete Guide
Uncensored Guide
The Only Guide You Need for ____

Are you preparing an informative guide? You should also support your content with statistics.

You should only use authority-based data and clearly indicate who you are getting this information from.

Including scientific data in your manuals and constantly updating the information will also give your readers an idea that your content is legal. In this way, you will prove that you have never created your content out of thin air, that you have spent enough time for research and that you have created these ideas based on the findings you have reached.

If you want to sign an original blog post, consider highlighting your case studies in your post.

In addition to the visitor traffic that will result from natural searches, this will also allow you to embrace the traffic that will be generated by being shown as a source link when another site uses your work.

If you are an expert on something, creating a comprehensive guide to your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise is an effective way to create a popular blog page.

7- Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s start by warning you that answering frequently asked questions online will not prevent people from asking these questions over and over again.

Still, it is undeniable that blog pages for frequently asked questions serve as a resource for people. Frequently asked questions section is most common on e-commerce sites, but when it comes to blog pages they are often overlooked.

Google’s algorithm frequently asked questions etc. uses many popular topics as part of the Knowledge Graph. If you are lucky, you too can be at the top of this graphic, which everyone envied.

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