In Les Miserables, those who know it in Little Women series know. When people were broke, they had to cut their hair and sell it.

This is not a dream we are talking about. Scientists have unraveled the DNA and have a sheep clone but still haven’t found a solution to baldness. Although there are wigs, hair extensions, and hairpieces, people need better. If you have a desire to cut your hair, you can make good money by cutting your curls.

Start to lengthen and comb your hair

You should lengthen and comb your hair before getting a cut. Most companies want chemically untreated hair. Therefore, your hair should not be dyed, permed or lightly dyed. You must have at least 15 cm of hair.

Your hair should be clean, healthy and shiny. Smoking or using drugs affects the health of your hair.

Remember, those who make wigs are hair experts, and if they notice any problems, they throw the hair in the trash and you cannot buy a dollar.

Unusual natural colors are always more expensive. The healthier your hair is, the more money you will earn.

Before you cut your beautiful curls, contact the wig seller and research how much you will receive based on your hair type. This way, you’ll know if it’s worth a haircut.

A few tips for keeping hair healthy

Cut the fractures in your hair periodically. (It is best to have fractures removed every six or eight weeks, but don’t take too much)

Remember, healthy body means healthy hair. If you want your hair to be healthy, you need to take calcium and protein.

Wash your hair in the evening and get rid of the chemicals you are exposed to during the day.

Get rid of hair dryers, curling irons, hairspray and other hair products. These products dry your hair and cause your hair to break.

Dry your hair with a towel instead of blow dryer.

Braiding your hair at night and in the mornings will help you have great curls and you will also eliminate the damage of the curling iron.

Don’t get too caught up and comb your hair more than twice a day, and use a good quality comb when combing.

Oils such as rosemary oil, cedarwood oil, juniper berry oil and lavender oil keep your hair hydrated. To moisturize your hair, apply the oils to your hair at night and braid your hair. In this way, your hair does not break while sleeping at night.

Use natural ways. Barley water and egg white make a great hair styler.

Start marketing your hair

Market your new product. Look for websites that will pay you for your hair. There are a lot of advertisements made by wig makers on the internet. If you are going to advertise about your hair, your ad must include the following:

Clean and accurate photos (mostly showing the length of the hair)

Descriptions that include the length, color, quality and type of hair

Contact information

You don’t need to give too much information, keep it as simple as possible. Give effective answers to those who communicate with you.

Hair seekers are not just wigs. Market your hair by entering markets that others have not yet entered. Real human hair is needed in hairdressing schools, and even some quality paint brushes are made from human hair.

Stir guides and research hairdressing salons and hairdressing schools. Call some and find out how much they’ll pay for your hair. Do not forget to use the ad details here as well. People will want to know the condition, length, color, quality and type of your hair. It may take your research time, but the payout will be large.

How much can I sell my hair?

The money you will earn by selling your hair will depend on a few criteria. Depending on the length, health, type and color of your hair, the money you will earn will be between 300 and 1,000 TL on average.

I want to sell my hair as soon as possible, what should I do?

Those who want to sell their hair as soon as possible can comment on our article by specifying the details of their hair and leaving any contact address (e-mail address, etc.). Needy people will be able to reach you in a short time.

Anyone who needs urgent money or wants to have their hair cut anyway and earn additional income from it can sell their hair.

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