Today, the number of freelancers who put their traditional careers aside and enable them to work more flexibly exceeds 54 million, and companies have started to use unprecedented strategies to keep up with this.

Hiring freelancers is now more accepted and it works more for companies. Thus, people with the required skills start working as freelancers and then turn it into their own business. I’ve followed exactly these steps in my content marketing career.

Paying less taxes, spending less employees, not paying health insurance, owning a smaller office… You can extend this list forever. He works with freelance writers, designers, marketers and developers to help companies grow their businesses for precisely these reasons.

According to a study conducted at Phoenix University, 63% of 1,600 participants under the age of 30 either started their own business when they were in their 20s or want to do so in the near future. 55% of those who are not yet entrepreneurs want to be one day.

So, how can we start our own business and continue our career as an entrepreneur, regardless of our age? Free-time working is the most reasonable and realistic way to deal with another job while continuing to work in your job.

We all have bills to pay and expenses that do not spontaneously disappear overnight just because we decided to pursue our dreams. Being an entrepreneur brings along a great responsibility.

10 Ways to Start a Freelance Business While Still Working Full Time

  • 1. Set Your Goals
  • 2.Find a Niche to Make You Profit
  • 3.Determine Your Target Audience
  • 4. Create Strategies for Your Services
  • 5. Build a Website with a Quality Portfolio
  • 6.Example the Services You Offer
  • 7. Carefully Select Your First Customers
  • 8.Let Your Content Appeal To Your Prospective Customers
  • 9.Learn to Market Yourself
  • 10.Separate the Priorities of Your Full Time Work with Your Free Time

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