Most Money-Making Business Ideas

1 – Chicken breeding

People who attach more importance to healthy nutrition day by day have started to prefer white meat instead of red meat. Chicken and egg consumption has been in an increasing trend all over the world for the last twenty years. There is no doubt that this situation makes chicken breeding one of the most profitable jobs. Turkey close to 200% in the last 10 years about the growing poultry sector, growth momentum is expected within the next 10 years.

2 – Environmentally friendly construction

By managing to keep the level of pollution to a minimum, engineers and contractors building machinery and buildings can grow their business enormously. Local and national concerns about global warming and environmental pollution create opportunities for businesses looking to grow. This includes environmentally friendly paint, building materials or solar panel manufacturers and distributors.

3 – Baby products

The manufacture and sale of baby food, clothing, items and toys is one of the most profitable and most money-earning businesses. Of the population aged 0-5 years of age in Turkey it is estimated to be close to 5 million. As the population is constantly increasing, the demand for such products is increasing day by day. If you can strategically position your business, you can have a very lucrative job.

4 – E-commerce

The e-commerce sector continues to rise to the top among the sectors that make the most money, with the Internet becoming more common day by day and the number of mobile users increasing.

5 – Metal product production

Many industries need small and medium sized iron tools. The agriculture, construction and mining industries are the most important consumers of iron equipment. Domestic metal and steel producing enterprises as well as industrial manufacturers of sensitive business-specific devices are businesses with the most stable growth rates.

6 – Mobile health

Nowadays, people have started to pay more attention to their health and they are dealing with their health condition periodically. If you provide people with services related to health, medicine, nutrition as well as assessment methods, you will make thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. If you develop mobile health apps / such as weight loss programs for smartphones and tablets, menstrual cycle calculation and safe period, daily and weekly energy calorie intake or bodybuilding exercises, you can earn a lot of money with monthly and annual subscriptions.

7 – Customized food shops

Large supermarkets are always in demand, but consumers are also starting to show interest in customized food stores and are not hesitating to pay heavily there. Your company can focus on local production, vegan / vegetarian, gluten-free, sugar-free or simply healthy foods. If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own market, it may be time to take the attack.

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