7. Holiday and Hotel Advertising

Similar to the real estate videos above, what else than a drone could provide an aerial view of a hotel’s excellent location and great facilities?

In some periods when hotels and resorts try to attract customers by advertising, it is a fact that those who offer unique video images have a larger share in the market compared to others and attract more customers.

Cozumel and Cancun, an entrepreneur who shot videos with UAVs, both have a free holiday in Mexico and is preparing new advertising campaigns for hotels by flying their drone.

Who wouldn’t want to travel with your video camera, take a vacation and get paid for it?

6. Search and Rescue

When Guillermo DeVenecia, a resident of Virginia, recently disappeared, police and search teams began searching for the 82-year-old man who was suffering from dementia and hearing loss.

No trace was found despite searching hundreds of volunteers, search dogs and a helicopter flying over the dense forest for three days. There was a growing concern for the man’s safety, and the Fitchburg police informed all the public about the missing man.

David Lesh found DeVenecia with a drone in just 20 minutes.

5. Security

Videos shot by drones for detecting unwanted persons and documenting theft began to be used to protect sensitive areas. An entrepreneur was hired to protect a large aquaculture (commercial fishing area). It had a flight area of ​​150 acres in total, and the drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera was able to detect fish theft even at night. Instead of evaluating the situation in which the company is in, hiring 5-6 security guards for the whole area and hoping that they will be distributed equally throughout the region, it preferred to find a solution to its problems effectively by hiring someone using drone. We think this entrepreneur has one of the best jobs in the world for now.

4. Sports and Event Cameraman

This is a new use for drones to record sporting events from the air. We have witnessed that drones are used in many events, from the Olympics to the Boston Marathon. There is no event in any city, region or country that cannot be recorded from the air.

3.Building Inspections and Site Data

During the recent flood in Bosnia and Herzegovina, various historical remains were flooded and devastated. Various UAV operators have volunteered to provide images with drones for public safety. Thanks to this, law enforcement officers and structural engineers were able to view the roads and bridges they could not easily reach to assess the damage. As a result, one or more of these pilots were constantly selling their footage to local news channels and also receiving salaries from various public companies.

Construction companies and architects running large construction projects are hiring drone operators who shoot videos for them to measure and prepare reports. Insurance companies also use drones to inspect areas that are difficult for people to access, so they don’t put their employees at risk.

2. Surveillance and Private Research

I recently read an article online about drones being used to screen cheating spouses in New York City, America. I am not quite sure that drones are used this way because the engines of the drones make a lot of noise while flying and therefore the risk of not being noticed is very low. However, UAVs can definitely be used in certain methods of private research.

1. Wedding Videos

Capturing unique aerial views from various angles is something that only certain drones can do. And this job has now become one of the favorite services of newlyweds. The locations of outdoor wedding venues generally have very beautiful views, and drones can take advantage of this view to shoot more beautiful and special videos than ever before.

Please note that this article is intended for readers from all regions. In some areas, drone flights may be prohibited and restricted, or you may be asked for a certificate for the flight. We recommend that you pay attention to this issue. In addition, human safety issues were not addressed in this article, but this is definitely an issue that should be considered in UAV flights. Vehicles can injure people during flight or collide with other UAVs flying in the same airspace. Please always keep in mind your own safety and the safety of others.

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