How to get an advertisement on the car?

If you travel regularly with your car, how about turning this into an opportunity? Did you know that you can make money by turning your car into a moving billboard?

You can earn 300 to 700 TL a month by covering your car with a company’s advertisement, but you have to fulfill some conditions. If you drive in crowded places or big cities and cover a certain mileage each month, advertising on your car can be a great source of additional income for you.

If you’re willing to earn money by advertising on your car, keep reading.

How to get an advertisement on the car?

The first step to getting ads in the car is to register with the advertising companies in your area. You can find a lot of companies online as well, but the company that will do the dressing and remove the dressing at the end of the contract should be close to you. Although companies expect different things according to their advertising campaigns, the most important stage of the decision process is your driving habits. During registration, they may request a photo of your car and additional information about you.

Requirements for your car

In many cases, you don’t need a specific type of car to receive ads, but some companies may only accept certain types of cars depending on the importance of their message. Cars need to be clean and paint well. There should be no damage and a good working system. The dressing is applied on the clean car. So for both the car and the advertisement to look good, you must keep your car clean at all times. Dressing usually does not damage the car, but if your car is old or has a problem with the paint, you should provide information about this before the dressing is done. In some cases, damage may occur when the cover is removed.

Read the contract you have made with the company you will advertise on carefully. The advertising company may have rules about how many kilometers you should travel each month, where you should travel, under which conditions you should have your car serviced and where you should park your car. Many of the companies that advertise on cars want to install a global positioning system or other system in the car to record where you have been and how many kilometers you have traveled. Before getting paid every month, the company representative checks the GPS data.


Advertising companies often want their products to be used in cars that are used safely. Having a driving license and having a clean driving record are among the most important requirements. In addition, the advertising company may want your car to have insurance coverage.

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