How do you become a drug guinea pig?

We will talk about a high-paying job that is especially preferred by those who have been unemployed for a while and need urgent money. From being a drug guinea pig, which is an extremely interesting job.

As a guinea pig, you help researchers develop life-saving drugs, and you earn money in return. Have you always wanted to have an interesting and highly paid job? Then subject matter is for you.

Tests are done in hospitals. guinea pig earn a lot of money for spending weekends in the hospital or for regular doctor visits. Here’s how to do that:

How do you become a drug guinea pig?

Determine your test group type: there are many medical tests available for everyone, from weight loss medications to blood thinners. some studies only take healthy participants. If you are suffering from any ailment, you can be a guinea pig to help investigate new treatments.

Research for related studies: You can find testing opportunities around you by doing Google research. Use terms such as “guinea pig” or “drug studies” when doing your research. Be sure to check the directories and online job postings.

Refine your research: once you narrow down your research, you can find a few companies suitable for you.

If you have certain diseases or disabilities, you can first look for studies on them. According to health studies, if you are a healthy person, you can enter control groups where the side effects of new drugs are investigated.

Apply for the study: Once you have found a few studies that interest you, follow the companies’ application protocols and register for the study. The applicant organization will usually call you within a few days and conduct a telephone interview. If you pass the phone interview, they will call you to decide on your eligibility.

Before the interview: If you have applied for “healthy” studies, you need to be sure that you are really healthy. If you smoke, use drugs or alcohol, you will be eliminated from most studies. They can give you a few weeks to get rid of items that would be disqualified.

Going through a phone interview: The first rule of a good phone call is to be honest. During the interview, the investigator will ask you various questions to learn about your medical history and talk about the privacy policy. If you pass this step, they will call you for review.

Don’t go through the review: at this point the researchers want to make sure you are fully eligible for the study, and therefore they do a lot of reviews. Urine sample, blood collection, EKG etc. Tests such as. During the review, they give detailed information about the study you will be participating in and ask you to sign a document indicating that you understand the rules and risks of the study.

Waiting: after reviews are complete they tell you that you are on the waiting list or are accepted to work. If you are accepted to work, they want you to go home and wait. They then tell you where the study will take place and the rules regarding the test protocol.

How much will my salary be?

When we think of jobs that don’t require any qualifications, being a guinea pig is one of the extremely high paid jobs. Depending on the research and the period you are a guinea pig, you may have a salary ranging from 2 thousand to 4 thousand USD per month.

It is worth mentioning that as a guinea pig, you can save the lives of others as well as risk your own health. However, of course, it is up to you to choose the risk factor you want.

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