Business Ideas for Drone Owners

Business idea 1. Drone Photography

While there was no such thing as a drone in our lives, it was necessary to take off huge helicopters and gliders for aerial photography. This was also extremely expensive for various reasons.

However, today it has become very easy to shoot from the air thanks to a drone of 3-4 thousand lira. Capturing videos and photos from the sky became something even children could do, thanks to high resolution cameras.

Viewing the earth from a bird’s eye view also increases the production quality of the video and work, so there is an intense demand from customers in this area.

So using drone:
Sports competition
Wild life
… And many more wonderful images can be taken. In this context, you can improve your drone use skills and serve as a drone pilot.

Business idea 2.Security

Drones can also be used very well in home and commercial space security issues. The drone can take a live video of a place and send it to smartphones in real time.

When looking at the event in terms of security and safety, drones can be used greatly in the security systems sector.

For example, drones can act as a very good precaution for fire, avalanche, landslide.

In this respect, drones have a solid future as a precautionary tool for human and natural disasters such as theft, fire, attack, avalanche, landslide, flood.

Business idea 3. Search & Rescue

The biggest helpers of search and rescue organizations in recent years have been drones. Drones, which can take off instantly and are extremely economical, rather than high-cost and not always ready vehicles such as helicopters, play a major role in the exploration of inaccessible areas in search and rescue activities.

Given that helicopters can fly at certain altitudes, drones can easily fly up to a certain altitude desired; When equipped with night vision and infrared cameras, it can detect creatures that show signs of life while in the air.

Thanks to the drones that can leave emergency aid to areas that cannot be reached by conventional methods, many people and living things have survived today.

In this respect, to be a drone operator for search and rescue operations; In this regard, selling and renting drone and drone supplies can provide you with a good financial return and also get a spiritual pleasure from this work because you benefit humanity.

Business idea 4. Building Inspection

Building inspection can be a costly task at times. For example, personally climbing the roof of a tall building can be both dangerous and costly. Thanks to drone technology, it has become very economical to control the roofs and chimneys of buildings.

Record structures from the sky with photos and videos; With the ability to deliver high resolution material and zoom, drones have become popular in the building inspection industry.

In addition to these, drones are also used for inspection works where people do some dangers. Drones offer economical solutions that prioritize life safety to observe the condition of structures such as bridges, radio transmitters, water pipelines, power lines, solar panels, wind turbines.

In short, if you have experience in the construction and inspection sector, you can invest in “building inspection with drone” business. You can perform such a service as an additional job or, depending on demand, on a full-time basis, you can perform a building inspection with a drone. In a country like Turkey where the construction sector is very actively attractive opportunities may await you. Tell us …

Business idea 5.Agricultural Observation

Drone technology brings agricultural activities to the brink of a major revolution. Watching the crops collectively from the sky saves farmers from a lot of expense and creates big data.

Drones provide extremely useful data on issues such as soil structure, irrigation need and efficiency, and pest monitoring. Used to decide when to harvest crops, drones are thus a very useful tool in terms of harvesting efficiency and maximum yield.

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